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Hebridean Charters offer an outstanding experience....

Due to its natural location and the unprecedented access from existing facilities, our new charter vessel 'Happy Splash' (an Aquabell 33) offers a comfortable deck area, seating in the sheltered wheelhouse and an onboard toilet. We can provide a memorable experience to enhance your visit to our beautiful isles, Skipper Chippie and Deckhand Brian are here for your safety and comfort.

Hebridean Charters provides trips to various locations which offer anglers the opportunity to catch Pollock, Saithe, Conger Eel and Wrasse along the many accessible reefs. In addition, Skate, Spur dog, Tope, Ling, Mackerel and Cod are all within easy reach at various depths.

We offer none-fishing trips for groups and parties looking to gain a different aspect of the Islands as they tour along the varying shores, searching for that special photo opportunity.

Accommodation providers, which include local Hotels and Bed and Breakfast, can be found at www.visitscotland.com - especially useful for parties looking to secure and book multi-day trips.

Exciting trips to St Kilda can be achieved by contacting Uist Seatours, Just click on the link: www.uistseatours.co.uk 

Our Location

Sea life and Wildlife

A chance to see Whale Sharks, Seals, Sea Eagles and other Island wildlife (dependant on weather and time of year) – the opportunity to lift the occasional creel, looking to see what lies below.

A Lasting Impression

The whole Hebridean Charters experience will enhance the excitement of all who visit the Islands and will leave a lasting impression which they will not only return home with but will share with family and friends. This will ensure not only the future return of those exposed to this adventure and our beautiful islands but hopefully enhance your holiday enjoyment and experience.

Happy Splash Rules

  • Book your trip to ensure your space
  • Turn up on time to come aboard
  • Confirm your sailing the evening before
  • Enjoy the experience – return for more

Our prices and trips

For Fishing/Private Charter

Boat Price per Day. £650 + VAT  
Per day for 2 - 3 days. £600 + VAT  
Per day for 4 days or more. £550 + VAT  
Hourly Rate for Boat 
(available out of high season at skipper's discretion)

£80/Hr,+ VAT (departure point T.B.C.)



Individual and Family Trip Ideas

Try something different whilst visiting the islands

Family 3 Hr Afternoon trip.
Adults £35, Family (2+2) £100
3 Hr Lunch Aboard & Cruise the Coast (Picnic Lunch Provided).
Adults £45, Children £20
All day in the Minch (6 Hrs Afloat) Cruise, Relax, Photograph, Sun-Bathe (Weather dependant)
Adults £50, Children £30
2 Hr Lucky Dip – Lift a Creel and see what lies below - Fun for the children.
Adults £25, Children £15, Family (2+2) £80.00
2 Hr Bob and Bathe (Summer Only) Refreshing dip if your brave – Towels provided.
Adults £25, Children £15
Deep Minch Dare. Let’s head straight out (Weather Dependant).
Adults £20/hr, Children £10/hr


Due to circumstances outwith my control, I have decided to cancel all Charters until further notice.

Both Brian and I look forward to welcoming you back when things improve.

Meanwhile why not give Uist Seatours a call on 07833 690693